Christmas 2018

Wishing all my furry and human friends a Merry Christmas and a woofing Happy New Year. Lots of love and doggy kisses 🐾 ❤️🎄☃️

Black Friday Shopping

Been out for early Christmas shopping at The Barking Bistro in Whitley Bay today. Only problem is if you have a lot of mates you have to buy a lot of presents...

Christmas 2017

Just finished a new batch of 'Natural Doggy Paw Balm'. Just the right Christmas present for my mates! Homemade always beats shop bought my mum says.
Happy Christmas everybody and a woofing good New Year 🎁🎄

Prince Sparky

May I introduce - His Doggy Highness Prince Sparky I


They said to me 'Go get packed!' Well, I'm done! Where we're going?

Doggy Bath Time

Why are they making such a big fuss about beeing clean? I'd rather head back to the park and roll in some nice smelly something - you know what I'm saying...

Pokémon Go!

I hear people everywhere talking and searching for some Pokémon. Don't know who that guy is but I cannot find him anywhere... Believe me, I have been all over the park, looking behind trees, in the bushes, digging holes... Nothing! Who cares? Pokémon Go! here comes Sparky the Bichon - and I am real!